Website Developer

Website Developer

Every business owner or recruiter will tell you that a resume is not always a true reflection of the candidate’s abilities. The situation is even direr now that everyone can create a website with simple tools to drag and drop an entire website. This option may be acceptable if you want a simple online platform, but it is not the best for a complex site to attract clients and run a successful business. Jaba Ranks agree that the CV is a great way to weed out applicants, but one cannot rely on it to get authentic and expert talent.

There are, however, specific steps one can take to improve your chances of getting the right web developers.

Tips for choosing the best web developer in 2022

They have the right skills

Why do you need to hire a web developer? Often, businesses want a site to educate clients on their service and offer a portal to buy your products. The first consideration of hiring a web developer is to choose one that will get all the right aesthetics, put together a good architecture and design elements that will attract all kinds of buyers. Some basic skills of application development include the following:

  • HTML
  • PHP
  • Adobe
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery

We know that websites are not supposed to work the same way and have an umbrella of designs and skills to combine perfect aesthetics and function for a fully functional ecommerce portal.

Speed of work

You need a website developer who will respond fast to build a website and have a speedy answer to resolve multiple errors. Choose a developer who communicates fast when you contact them first, and watch how accessible they are throughout the project development process. Jaba Ranks developers are comfortable taking in your orders as soon as you contact us and will be available at all working hours to respond to a potential crisis or offer other development solutions.


Most people will ask for references to gauge the developer’s skills. The better method is to look at previous projects of the web developer so you know whether they can handle your project. A great mobile app developer will give you at least three past projects that relate to your project as a way of vouching for their programming skills.

Payment method

How does the developer charge the clients on app dev? Most people will charge one standard fee for the entire project, while some will charge by the hour. You want to choose one who charges by the hour only if they have a complicated tracking system to record each task and the time it took to complete. A programmer who charges one standard price is better if you anticipate a long-term project with additional maintenance and upgrading services.

Did you find any helpful information on how to choose the best agency for your web dev? Let us know how to serve you by booking a consultation online or calling our phone at +1-410-903-8845.


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