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What is a grant?

Grants are funds provided to start or expand a qualifying business. It’s like a business loan except you don’t have to pay those funds back. It’s a good idea when looking for money to start up or expand a business to look for small business grants. From the outset, the Government of Canada has acted to help tourism businesses and others survive the pandemic and position them for success when safety restrictions are lifted and the economy recovers.It may be difficult to find a small business grant as they are often for very specific groups of people doing very specific things and often clustered in particular fields. To qualify it often helps to be engaged in a particular business sector that aligns with the goals of the federal or provincial government. And, it helps if your business resides in a geographic region of the country where the government is offering more assistance.

 You may have to contribute to your grant.

Sometimes, program-specific grants (such as a marketing campaign) will require you to contribute up to 50% of the cost. This is the case with the BC’s buy local program. The objective of British Columbia’s Buy Local Program is to increase consumption of locally grown, raised, harvested, or processed foods. provides funding to businesses engaged in the agriculture, food, and seafood industries. Funding used for marketing, including branding, radio/TV and print advertising, social media campaigns, trade shows, etc. To qualify, businesses must be located in British Columbia and starting a new marketing campaign. 

 The  Requirements

Generally speaking, eligibility requirements for existing grants are very exacting. However, after the hit so many have taken due to the pandemic restrictions, more businesses are eligible for Grants. Unfortunately, there is no easily accessible master list of all the Grants for you to consult. It is difficult to find out if your small business qualifies for grants. And perhaps, your business qualifies for more than one grant. You’ll have to do some digging. Or, to save time and energy, you can consult Magnetic13 who has done the searching for you. Our business benefits from some of these grants. 

 Regional Relief

If you look hard enough you may find one of several grants offered by your provincial or Federal government that could help you out. For example, the Government of Canada is helping tourism businesses and others survive. Regional Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF) In Western Canada, tourism generates almost $14 billion and supports 230,600 jobs. Regional Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF) supports eligible tourism businesses and other small businesses so they can pay their employees and the costs of operations. Small and Medium businesses have until June 30 to apply for up to an additional $10,000 from the Enterprise Relaunch Grant. Looking for business start-up funding in Nova Scotia so you can buy equipment, hire employees and develop your markets? You have until July 15th to apply. There are many grants available and they all have deadlines and specific requirements. Magnetic13 can help you find the grant money you need.