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Braind Tracy wrote the super-popular book, “Psychology of Selling.” Tracy claims there are six buyer personas. You may find it helpful to your business to learn them. There is a  reason Psychology has an enormous impact on the effectiveness of advertisements. For an ad to be effective, the message has to be stored in memory long enough to provoke a purchase. A good advertisement will convince the target audience that they need or want the item. Recognizing the different types of buyers will guide you in your communication strategy. 

The apathetic buyer

  • Not interested.
  • Seemingly closed off. 
  • Move on to someone else.

The self-actualizing buyer

  • They know exactly what they want. 
  • Will not be convinced otherwise. 
  • Simply give them what their heart is set on.

The analytical buyer

  • Make their own decision. 
  • Not interested in reviews and testimonials.
  • They do their own research.
  • Be slow, truthful, and precise with these potential customers.

The relater buyer

  • Relationship-oriented buyer.
  • Concerned with other people’s opinions of them and their decisions therefore reviews and testimonials will influence them as will recommendations from friends. 
  • Social media campaigns are very effective on this type.
  • They appreciate it if you take your time talking things through. 
  • Focus your messaging on other happy customers, 
  • Build the relationship. 
  • Treat them like a friend. 
  • Authenticity matters. 

The driver buyer

  • Direct, impatient, and concise.
  • Busy and preoccupied.
  • Get straight to the point.

The socialized buyer

  • Outgoing, extroverted, achievement-oriented. 
  • Reward them tangibly for “signing up” with you.