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I am curious, are you like me? Do you feel we are just living to work, eat, sleep, and pay the bills? Would you prefer to be able to work anywhere rather than just in an office? Are you thinking about starting a business that frees your time rather than occupies it? Well, here is an interesting question: Would you like to become a millionaire that works only four hours during the week? LOL Probably.

This blog is not promising you overnight success. Nor is the book this blog is about, The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. The provides an intriguing strategy to point you in that direction. The 4-Hour Work Week uses surprising insights, captivating stories, detailed guides, and resources to help you design a lifestyle that may allow you to live your version of the four-hour work week. Your version may be a 4 day work week in which you are investing five inspired hours a day living in a beautiful area in a terrific climate. Or, maybe, just maybe, you literally pull off the four hour work week.

The book feels overly idealistic at times but if the reader can be open-minded while remaining realistic about the effort, time, and all the trials and errors along the way, it appears the desired result is possible. I’m sure it comes as no surprise that part of an effective strategy is to have your business online so that it becomes possible to live wherever you want. If you can develop a digital product that is easy to purchase and download that can be your ticket to the lifestyle you are looking for. Magnetic13 offers strategies and solutions to improve your online presence so that your business can be found by those who want what you have to offer.