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How easy is it for your target audience to consume your content? Consider a podcast for those who would rather listen than read or use up data with videos. The more ways you have to offer content, the more you will reach people through their preferred medium. What will your target audience enjoy reading? There may be differences between what you want to write about and the content they enjoy. A little bit of research can go a long way. Social platforms like Reddit, post updates on industry news. These threads can help you generate ideas. Of course, be sure to write or vlog about what is relevant to your industry. 

Check out your competition. How many times has a vlog post been viewed? That can give you an idea if that particular subject is something you wish to tackle in a blog or stay away from. Keep in mind, a vlog can add to high data costs. Maybe keep videos a bit on the smaller size if your potential client is away from wifi access a lot of the time. It’s okay to blog about daily activities as it relates to your field. You might think daily tasks would be boring for your viewers, but the truth is that many people like watching people to whom they can relate. 

It’s also important to see what kind of blog posts are popular for popular bloggers who are not competitors but who write about your industry. You can see what they are writing and then take a fresh new angle on it. That is called “skyscraping.” Check out Twitter and see what list of topics are trending. You can also ask experts questions on various platforms like Quora or Reddit. Freedly.com and Locals are other good avenues for information. They have free and paid content. Heck, if your vlog gets popular you can monetize your videos on YouTube. When a video has a lot of views on YouTube ads are placed before, during, or after your Vlogs. You get paid a small percentage when someone clicks on the ad. If your content is about your services, make them as attractive and compelling as possible. 

Consistency is key if you want your vlog to be popular. It will likely take a few years for it to become reasonably popular with consistent output. Be consistent on the days you upload, the length, and the quality of your video so your viewers know what to expect. You will lose viewers if you stop uploading for a month. Most vloggers have something recurring in their vlogs that they are known for or that their viewers love. This can be a unique way to start or end the vlog but it can also be something that you do regularly.